Power Prospecting

powerprospecting-cover-small2Our interactive Power Prospecting™ workshops show participants a revolutionary system for developing new leads and appointments. They'll learn how to master teleprospecting, in addition to email campaigns and LinkedIn strategies.

Whether you're planning a large sales event or a small new-hire class for a local sales office, we can build a custom workshop for your team. You can choose from several different formats, from a two-hour breakout session to a two-day event.

A unique aspect of this workshop is our collection of recorded sales calls. During the session, participants hear real-life examples from other salespeople that illustrate the right and wrong way to handle various prospecting scenarios.

When participants leave this workshop, they'll have a repeatable process for generating new appointments every week. Best of all, we'll show your team how to automate many of their prospecting tasks. As a result, they'll be able to build their pipeline even when they're not working.


Strategic Tools:

Salespeople aren't robots and training them how to recite scripted routines doesn't work. During the workshop, we introduce tools to help each person adapt the material to their unique selling style.swiss army knife

Sample Topics & Tools:

Multi-Touch Email Campaigns

A proven process for using email to secure appointments and generate leads. This system is based on our research after sending more than 10,000,000 emails for our clients over the past 5 years. 

Social Selling With LinkedIn

Today's top performers spend an average of 2 hours per day on LinkedIn. However, most salespeople aren't maximizing its potential. We'll show them how to go beyond "connections" and actually generate revenue from the site.

The New Value Proposition

Traditional sales pitches and benefit statements are outdated and don't work anymore. Instead, you'll learn more effective ways to get a prospect's attention and motivate them to meet with you.

The Opportunity Creator

The most successful salespeople know how to create a need. If prospects are telling you "we have no need" or "we're happy with our current solution" then it's time to reinvent yourself. This tool will show you how.

The Objection Redirect

Most salespeople aren't able to handle objections effectively. This process will show them how to "redirect" the conversation away from objections and re-engage the prospect.